Biota (n).: The living organisms of an area; the flora and fauna together

Biota Environmental Sciences was founded in 2000 and has provided high quality ecological services for the past 13 years.

The company was formed with the philosophy of improving approaches beyond the standard and this continues to the present day.

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Scientific Network

We have a well-founded and extensive scientific network, the members of which are all recognised as scientific authorities in their fields. The innovative and strategic approach we foster has resulted in many improvements in approach and filled key knowledge gaps in the environmental assessment process.


Garth Humphreys
Michi Maier
Roy Teale
Dan Kamien
Paul Sawers
Rachel Warner


Could you be the next Biotan? As a biological consultancy, we employ scientists with botanical and zoological expertise. If you have a background in biological surveys, related impact assessment and high technical standards, an opportunity may exist for you...

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Corporate Sponsorship

At Biota, we like to give back. We provide sponsorship and support for a range of research and community activities...

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As a company focused on remote area field studies, safety is our first concern when coordinating surveys. The Australian environment is a challenging work setting, requiring sound risk assessment...

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