Biota (n).: The living organisms of an area; the flora and fauna together


Biota's commitment to the environment goes beyond animal ethics and biodiversity conservation. We undertake a range of activities both in the office and the field to reduce our negative impacts and contribute to sustainability.

Examples of how we incorporate this ethos into our business include:

  • Recycling - a focus on recycling and composting of organic waste generated in the office with Bokashi.
  • Rechargeable batteries - high-tech fauna monitoring devices previously used significant quantities of batteries, this has been dramatically reduced through the use of rechargeable batteries and devices.
  • Recycled products - 100% recycled paper used within the office and for company reports and stationery. Our reports are supplied digitally by default.
  • Water conservation - promotion of water saving measures throughout the office.
  • Consumables - inventory management throughout the office, workshop and vehicles to reduce consumption, such as re-using equipment and recycling at end of life.
  • Commuting - office premises located with high walkability to public transport and services.