Biota (n).: The living organisms of an area; the flora and fauna together

Deception Deposit Mine and Haul Road

Cliffs Natural Resources

A series of comprehensive Level 2 terrestrial fauna and vegetation and flora surveys of the Deception deposit, and associated haul road corridor, were conducted by Biota in collaboration with Western Botanical. The project area is located near Southern Cross and forms part of Cliffs' Yilgarn operations. Work completed included:

  • Level 2 flora and vegetation survey
  • Level 2 vertebrate fauna survey
  • SRE fauna survey and analysis
  • Haul road Level 2 flora survey and mapping
  • Targeted rare flora searches
  • Subterranean fauna survey and assessment

The survey team mapped 33 vegetation units, including a Priority Ecological Community, and recorded over 2,900 locations of seven Priority flora species. We also recorded 26 SRE fauna species, including the discovery of a new trapdoor spider genus previously unknown in Western Australia.

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