Biota (n).: The living organisms of an area; the flora and fauna together

Koodaideri Iron Ore Project

Rio Tinto

This major iron ore development required Level 2 surveys of a 170 km rail route, two 30 km long infrastructure corridors and a 12,000 ha mine area. The Biota team surveyed 403 flora quadrats and 133 fauna trapping sites to EPA standards in addition to a number of specialist studies on State and Federally listed species.

  • Level 2 flora and vegetation survey
  • Vegetation mapping of 67,857 ha
  • Targeted Lepidium catapycnon survey
  • Troglobitic fauna survey and analysis
  • Level 2 vertebrate fauna survey
  • SRE invertebrate surveys and and analysis
  • Northern Quoll survey and habitat mapping
  • Orange Leaf-nosed Bat population study

A series of twelve comprehensive reports were produced to support the formal environmental assessment of the project. The large volume of data generated was also consolidated across surveys and analysed to identify faunal assemblages and floristic groupings of conservation significance.

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