Biota (n).: The living organisms of an area; the flora and fauna together

Gorgon Project Mammal Monitoring

Chevron Australia

The Gorgon Gas Project is situated on Barrow Island, which is well recognised for its vertebrate fauna conservation significance. Project approval conditions required a comprehensive programme to monitoring mammal populations both within "at risk" areas and other reference parts of the island. Biota has completed this work for Chevron since 2009, including aspects such as:

  • Population ecology of multiple species
  • Mammal condition and demography
  • Data reviews and sampling design
  • Island population density estimation
  • Laser rangefinder transect data collection
  • Burrowing Bettong movement studies

The work done to date has resulted in much more reliable estimates of the total population size of key species on Barrow Island, and ensured the Gorgon Project has remained compliant with its approval conditions.

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